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 Guild Appliction FAQs

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PostSubject: Guild Appliction FAQs   Tue Aug 23, 2011 9:30 am

Q> How do I apply for Heroes of the Horde?
Sign up as a guest, come to the Guild Application Section and then start a new topic.

Q> But, why do I need to answer all those questions?
We need to draw some information out of you to pass a judgement. We promise a wonderful raiding experience but only if you are worth it.

Q> How long would it take to pass a judgement?
Depends. You may whisper some officers of the guild to expedite the procedure, but kindly do not spam.

Q> The officers don't reply!! What do I do now??
They might be busy with raids, or getting too many whispers, etc. Just take it easy mate.

Q> Will the guild help me gear up and my alts too?
Sorry, you are at the wrong place.

Q> What GS do I need to get into the guild?
There is no such GS requirement. But yeh, you need good gear to get into our raids!

Q> What does Admiral, Hero, King mean?
Those are the ranks we give in our guild. They start as Mute -> Freshie -> Soldier -> Hero -> Admiral -> Treasurer -> King

Q> I wanna join in as a King!! ... Can I ?
Kindly do not apply for our guild. One will join as a Freshie and there are criteria for promotions. DO NOT spam the officers for promotions.

Q> Your Guild rule says I need some add-ons which I don't know how to use and unable to find online
Once you're a member, you'll get access to other topics where you will find links to download and use them efficiently. Failing to use them even after the guidance will result into uninviting you.

Q> I'm a pro PVP player, can I join in and raid with you?
PVP players are always welcome to our guild, but not in raids. For raids, we need people with 100% PVE gear.

Q> What would the Guild give me?
Wonderful raiding experiences, help with professions, gems, enchants, etc. but to a limit. Do not expect help right away.

Q>I have a question that isn't here .. what do i do?
Contact some Officer ingame.

Q> But I don't know any officers! confused
Wowrior (King), Baneful (Treasurer), Griladon (Treasurer), Dudaki (Officer), Tatomix (Officer), Lenasaw (Officer)

Any more suggestions to add in FAQ, please whisper me in-game.

The HoH Team
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Guild Appliction FAQs
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