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 Guild Rules

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PostSubject: Guild Rules   Tue Aug 23, 2011 9:13 am

General Rules

1. Respect everyone.

2. Use English in Guild chat.

3. Help your guildmates when they need.

4. You MUST have DeadlyBossMod addon installed.

5. Don't talk to a member higher than your post in a rude attitude.

6. Do not use ALL CAPS in guild chat

7. Don't treat guild chat like a Trade or LFGH channel.

8. Absolutely no racism

9. No begging or asking for any items / reservation of items, etc.

Raid Specific Rules

1. ONLY members above Admiral post are allowed to make Graids.

2. Do not spam raid leader for invites / items / reservation of items / etc.

3. Graids would be ML generally.

4. No person will get more than 3 items per raid.

5. ONLY 1 spec roll per raid. (If you don't understand this, please don't join Graids)

6. Follow raid warnings as raid leader tells you to.

7. In Graids, items like Primordial Saronite 'COULD' be reserved by the raid leaders for Gbank. Kindly do NOT whine about this.

I hope you have understood the rules. Very Happy

The HoH Team.
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Guild Rules
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