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 [Guide]: Shadow Priest- Melting faces effectively(PvE)

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PostSubject: [Guide]: Shadow Priest- Melting faces effectively(PvE)   Wed Aug 24, 2011 11:28 am

Before opening this guide, I would like to give 100% credit to, a website dedicated to shadow priests pvp/pve. ALL the shadow priests should definitely go there and seek more information. I would also give a lot of credit to for their great great guides which have now been lost somewhere in the archives. I would be simply comprehending the information from that source and make it easily available to you guys. I say so because sometimes its very difficult to find those archives. The name of the guide is itself very famous "Melting faces with Shadow Priests" <<< Insane title for a guide. If I'm not wrong, its from

Now lets begin..


We'll be quickly covering just the basics for maximum capability with minimum wastage of time. We won't go deep but just scratch the surface and get some really great boosts.

Lets begin with the best possible shadow talent tree for beginners for which you must CLICK HERE!

Thats the best dps tree one can go for with a shadow spec.

Stat priorities

HIT! did you miss on it? I said.... HIT !!!! .... for a shadow priest with the above spec needs 11% of hit. Anything above that is a waste and anything below that is a disaster! If your hit is above 11% without hit gems or enchants, just forget about it. Hit above the cap is always better in a way.

Spell power is the second most important stat. Get as much spell power are you can. This is your energy! Don't miss out on that.

Haste is the 3rd important stat AFTER hit is capped and you have enough spell power. REMEMBER THIS, too much of haste without enough spell power is going to make you run out of mana realllyyy fast! DO NOT EVER gem +20 haste and just stacks of haste. You might get a feeling that your priest is super fast, but ur going in the wrong direction!

A good shadow priest currently with 5.7k GS PvE should have around 3200 Spell Power and around 750 Haste. Thats more than enough to melt faces.

Crit rating is the 4th important stat for us. You CANNOT stack on crit through gems and enchants like other classes do. Crit to you comes from the gear, raid buffs, Focus Magic (Your best friend), Balance Dudus, etc. in a 25 man raid, if you cross 30% Crit, thats really good!

INT, SPIRIT ..... well, just forget about it for now Smile

Spell Rotation
Next important thing I believe is the spell rotation we need to talk about. THERE IS NO SPELL ROTATION for a shadow priest. But its important on how you OPEN your dps.

One can start with 3 Mind Flays and no need to complete them. Just cast 3 Mind Flays as soon as possible just to stack up Shadow Weaving and then begin with Vampiric Touch, Devouring Plague, Shadow Word: Pain, Mind Blast, Shadow Word: Death and continue Mind Flays until DoTs expire. (DoT = Damage over Time)

One ABSOLUTELY important tip: NEVER refresh your DoTs before they expire. Better LATE than EARLY. With practice, you can refresh DoTs just when they are about to expire without wasting even a single milli-second. Keep telling yourself "Better late than early" a 100 times if you refresh DoTs before they expire.

DO NOT EVER try to make macros for spell rotations by adjustments or manipulations. Macros aren't made for Shadow Priests! At least not in PvE. I already told you, there is NO rotation for a shadow priest.


For the BEST gearing guide that I follow, CLICK HERE!

Apart from the above guide, for beginners, your weapon and trinkets are the gears that matter the most.

If you are using Medallion of the Horde OR Ephemeral Snowflake OR BattleMaster's Trinket OR Silver of Pure Ice, etc... then you are a flop shadow priest.

There are only a few trinkets best for a shadow priest.
1. Abyssal Rune
2. Nevermelting Ice Crystal
3. Dying Curse
4. Flare of Heavens
5. Phylactery of the Nameless Lich
6. Dislodged Foreign Object

(6 better than 5 better than 4 ......... better than 1. I hope you get it.)

So you must get the above trinkets no matter what. The 1st 2 trinkets are the easiest to get and they boost your dps like hell!

Next important thing for a shadow priest is weapon. If you can, go ahead and donate for a weapon like Royal Scepter of Terrenas II or even Great Staff Antonidas. You can also vote and get them for 168 MP.

Gemming and Enchanting

People often make BIG mistakes here. The Gearing guide above gives all the information for gemming too if you need in detail explanation.

Remember your stat priorities are : HIT > Spell Power > Haste > Crit > Spirit

So gemming would be :

RED : Runed Cardinal Ruby (+23 Spell Power)
ORANGE : Reckless Ametrine (+12 Spell Power and +10 Haste Rating)
BLUE : Purified Dreadstone (+12 Spell Power and +10 Spirit)

You must go for socket bonus ONLY if a gear gives you a bonus of +7 or greater spell power. Else socket them with simply Runed Cardinal Ruby that is, +23 SP gems.

IF your hit is not capped, you can put in +20 hit gems in your yellow slots. But mostly, try to get hit capped with gear itself.

For Enchanting, go for maximum Spell Power enchants. Get your cloak embroidered with Lightweave Embroidery. Just in case you are falling short of some stat like hit, you may also get some hit enchants. For Weapon, get Spell Power enchant ONLY until you cross 3200 spell power at least.

Head enchant can be bought in Violet Hold from an NPC for 120 gold. Shoulder enchant needs Sons of Hodir Exalted which is done in 1 simple "talk to a guy" kinda quest. Its very important you get the 2 enchants of Shoulder and Head.

A few more tips:

Remember you are a priest and you also have something called as Power Word: Shield. Use it in raids to save yourself or if you find others in danger, give it to them. You can also save yourself with Dispersion. Use dispersion to regain mana if you go OM. When u are left with 25% mana during a raid, pop out your Shadow Fiend. It helps in dps + mana regen.

Play extra cautiously while Blood Lust is on. Refresh ur DoTs in time. The DoT time reduces in Blood Lust. So be careful. You can pump ur dps really high during that period.

Thanks for reading.. I hope it helps. I'll keep updating, so keep reading.. Smile

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[Guide]: Shadow Priest- Melting faces effectively(PvE)
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