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 How do forums work? Peek in quickly! :)

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PostSubject: How do forums work? Peek in quickly! :)   Wed Aug 24, 2011 11:18 am


After being into the development of this forum for quite some time, we have came up with a rigid structure for the guild forums.

Let me explain it as simply as I can.

1 > When any random user in the world registers as a user, he becomes a Member. Once he becomes a member, he can access ONLY the Guild Application Section. So be advised and keep that section clean.

2 > If an existing guild member registers, he would be added into a group called 'Guild Members'. A user added into this group can access the entire forum, every thread with read / write / post / delete own's post / edit own's post / etc. Thus, it is advised that you either create an account with your existing in-game toon name Eg. Baneful, Wowrior, Chaabo, etc. ALSO, in addition to that, you still need to contact an admin in-game ONLY to add you into the 'Guild Member' group.

3 > The Moderators are above members and guild members. They simply have some extra rights than Guild Member group.

4 > The Administrators are at the top. They make the forums and edit it. Smile So if you have any design issues, technical problems, suggestions, feel free to get in touch with any Admin.

I hope that was simple to understand Smile

-The HoH Team
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How do forums work? Peek in quickly! :)
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